Panthers Might Take Baker Mayfield If You Give Them, Oh, About $13 Million

The Carolina Panthers probably don't think they are set at quarterback -- but they also probably don't want to pay any price just to feel a little bit better about the position.

That includes Baker Mayfield.

Per the Charlotte Observer, the Panthers and Browns talked Mayfield trade during the NFL Draft in April. Mayfield is due $18.9 million. The Panthers were open to taking Mayfield, provided the Browns paid at least $13 million of his deal, the Observer reported.

Clearly, the Browns balked. Apparently, they don't want to pay Mayfield's salary, either.

So the Panthers traded up to draft Matt Corral out of Ole Miss with the No. 94 overall pick. The Browns? They're still stuck with Mayfield.

Now the Panthers have Sam Darnold, Corral and P.J. Walker. That appears to be good enough for them and costs a lot less than Darnold, Walker and Mayfield.

In Cleveland, the QB situation remains tricky. The NFL has yet to officially determine the fate of Deshaun Watson, in terms of a suspension, and Mayfield is still on the roster. You never say never, but there is about a 0.000001 percent chance Mayfield ever takes another snap for the Browns. Some will tell you it's even less than that.

Odds are, given both the Watson and Mayfield situations, the only guy we have yet to mention will be Cleveland's starting quarterback in Week One. That would be none other than Jacoby Brissett, acquired from the Indianapolis Colts.

Think about that. All this talk about Watson and Mayfield, and Brissett may be the Browns' main man under center -- at least for a little while. Maybe not, too. But that seems to be where we are headed.

And a lot of that is because teams such as the Panthers will only take Mayfield if you pay them.