Paige Spiranac Wins The Heart Of America: Trolls Jackson Mahomes, Brittany Mathews After Chiefs' Loss

Other than being a smoke show who spends her time golfing, Paige Spiranac is finding new ways to be likable. Trolling Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Mathews following the Chiefs' loss to Joe Burrow and the Bengals in the AFC Championship Game did the trick.

"Patrick Mahomes is down bad," Spiranac tweeted. "Imagine losing today and then having to go home to Jackson and Brittany making TikToks."

There's no question about Jackson Mahomes. If cringy were a person, it'd be him. Creepy TikTok dances, one after another, and all we want is for it to stop.

Brittany Mathews, on the other hand, is just slightly annoying. She sprayed champagne on fans sitting below her after her husband clinched an AFC championship berth, and she's overall just a little too comfortable drawing attention to herself.

But to be fair to her, if our significant others had just won a game to get to the AFC title game, we'd probably cause a stir as well. It's Jackson Mahomes who deserves this dragging.

And what's most important here is that we're not actually serious that he needs to go away. We just want our younger society that spends half their days scrolling TikTok to recognize how embarrassing all those dances are. We still can't put our finger on how these young bucks take a liking to those 10-second videos from hell.

Patrick Mahomes has to hate it.