Padres Fan Absolutely Rocks A Rockies Fan In Brutal One-Punch Fight

The San Diego Padres were on the road against the Colorado Rockies to start this week. The goal was to throw some heat and hit a few dingers, and they accomplished that mission. One of San Diego's many fans made the trip as well, but he chose a different path -- violence.

Instead of heat, that fan threw haymakers. Instead of hitting dingers, he chose opposing fans.

Seriously, this guy chose to get up from his seat, walk over to a bunch of Rockies fans and drop one with a single punch. The entire sequence of events didn't last long, but it didn't have to. Check out this video.

Solid angle, but this one is better.

Can't say I disagree with the caption. There's no way San Diego is going to let fans outperform them in the stands. It's World Series or bust at this point, right?

I feel like those glasses ended up at least two rows back. Look, I'll never understand this defense from the guy who got decked. He stood up so confidently, but by the time the Padres fan got to him, he was extending his arms in a quick, "let's be friends" kind of way.

Bad choice.

Word of advice: almost any guy walking up to you like that isn't coming to talk things out. At that point, we're all in on the Han shoots first mentality. Throw hands now, apologize later -- if necessary.

Wildly enough, the man who got read the bedtime story isn't pressing charges, according to the Denver Police Department.

"The person who threw the first punch, was contacted by police," the tweet read. "However, the person struck did not want to press charges. No one was arrested."

We'll see if that decision sticks now that the embarrassing moment has gone viral on Twitter, but I respect the guy for taking his lump and moving on. At this point, I just want to know what verbal altercation preceded all of this.

I also want to know how much different a punch feels in the low-density air of Colorado. Not bad enough to go find out for myself, but I might attempt to locate this guy who now has clear experience on the subject.

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