Packers Fan Shotguns A Beer After Last Chemo Treatment, Snoop Off The Top Rope & A Sean McDermott Tattoo

Well, you guys ready to get back to some football action or what?

I need everyone to back away from their phones and Facebook. Get some fresh air, clear the head a little bit, schedule garage beers Saturday with the guys, maybe even dabble in a project or two. As for myself, I'm thinking about throwing on the Carhartts and getting the miter saw out this weekend to do some cuts in the driveway. Let some sawdust fly before the pigskin starts flying at 1:05, when the Colts and Bills get it on. Then, I'm thinking garage beers for the afternoon game after putting in a solid day of being human. Being alive.

Guys, I might even throw on some classic '90s rock Pandora and let The Black Crowes flow through the soundbar. If you told me the weather would be good enough on January 9 in northern Ohio to cut boards outside, crank the Crowes and crush beers while watching playoff NFL action, I would have called you insane. But that's where I'm at right now. It's time to get my board list together so I can have the wife's minivan ready to hit up Home Depot early Saturday after Morning Screencaps.

Let me know what kind of fresh air project you have in mind this weekend. Or stop by. I received a DM the other day from a guy who saw me at a local Thai restaurant. I know some of you crazies know my address. You know the rules: if the garage door's open, the garage fridge is open. Help yourself. I'll be right out.

• Major update...the get-in price for Alabama-Ohio State is down to $936. The price has dropped $200 in two days as the market starts to settle in as we get closer to kickoff in Miami. Yes, the game is going on as planned, no matter what Kristen Saban's kooky ass claims. OSU might get drilled in ugly fashion, but at least we'll have a Monday football game. No complaining.

• Roku has crossed the 50 million subscriber mark, if you keep track of those things. In other big Roku news, the company announced Elf was the top title search for all of 2020. Seriously. Many of you need garage beer nights and miter saws.

• If you thought the chicken wars of 2019-20 were bloody, you haven't seen anything. KFC announced this week it is coming for Chick-fil A and all the other chicken slingers. The Colonel claims it will unleash a new premium chicken sandwich on the U.S. "Anyone who tastes this sandwich will know, without a doubt, that we’re playing to win," a company executive said. IT'S ON, FOLKS!

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