Packers' Davante Adams With The "Old School" Take of The Week

Although it's overblown how buddy-buddy athletes are today, apparently Packers' star Davante Adams is having none of that culture. He spoke this morning about how much he hates everyone he plays against.

"I hate everybody that I play against," Adams said with a blank stare. Somebody get this man signed up for WWE in a decade, please.

Ok, Michael Jordan golfed with Danny Ainge before playoff games, so it's not like old school players didn't engage with their opponents. It's all a matter of which era you grew up watching and support because boomers would say MJ was getting in Ainge's head before tip-off. And while that may be accurate, it's also possible athletes never took sports as serious as we thought they did.

But Davante Adams' statement today was believable. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers tweeted earlier this year that this was "The Last Dance", so maybe this is Adams showing a bit more of that fiery Jordan mentality.

We'd like to see more quotes like these from everyone so we can get back to believing players take losing as personal as we do.