Pack It In, Folks. Julian Edelman Isn't Coming Back

Ever since Julian Edelman announced his retirement back in mid-April, people have been speculating that he will return to the field. Most believe the decision was similar to Rob Gronkowski and that Edelman would eventually end up back with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.

For those holding out hope, the time has come to give it a rest.

The 32-year-old wide receiver joined Michael Irvin on his podcast earlier this week and made it clear that his time in the NFL has come and gone. He no longer has an interest in pushing his body to its absolute limit.

“My knee's breaking down," he told Irvin, via TMZ Sports. "I’m not going to sit here, you know, I got everything I want. I got three rings. Played in a magical dynasty with an unbelievable franchise, coach, best quarterback of all time, like, yo, I’m not a greedy guy.

"I'm not going to sit out there and look like some old dude in an old BIKE knee brace and ankle braces -- you know the old guy? I don't want to look like that, man. I can't do that."

I don't know about you, but I immediately thought of Gronk after that last part. But hey, he did add another Super Bowl ring to his collection. From the sound of it, Edelman is content with his three rings, and I can understand that.

One thing is certain: Edelman doesn't feel like he has anything left to prove to anyone.

"I played to win, I played to compete, I don’t need anything else to prove. You know?" Edelman said. "So, like, I’m good with what I did, I left it all on the field.”

Sounds like he'll leave the Hall of Fame debate up to us. Great.

So for all those expecting a return, I wonder if these comments put that to rest. Edelman now has a cushy job as an analyst on Inside the NFL, and he sounds content with where his life is at currently. I lean towards believing him.

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