Only Seven Quarterbacks Have Beaten Tom Brady In The Playoffs, The List Is Incredible

Throughout Tom Brady's 21-year career as full-time quarterback and part-time model, only seven QBs have taken him down in the playoffs. This list is epic:

Other than the Manning brothers, it turns out great quarterback play hasn't been the ticket to defeating Brady. The Sanchize beat Brady behind a dominant defense, just like the rest of this list did. Well...most of them.

Nick Foles was the one of the two guys who dropped offensive displays on Tom Brady's squad. He ended up with 373 yards and three TDs in Super Bowl LII to best the G.O.A.T.

James Plummer beat Brady not once but twice in 2005, including 27-13 in the playoffs. This game wasn't even close. That was the only good year Jake Plummer ever had. He went on to the Pro Bowl and beat Brady again in 2006 for dessert.

Man, Jake Plummer stunk.

Joe Flacco was the other quarterback who balled out to send Tom Brady packing in the playoffs. This was during their 2013 Super Bowl run when Flacco defeated Brady and Peyton Manning on his way to putting a ring on his finger.

Don't forget that's the Super Bowl MVP we're talking about. Wildly underrated, but that defense was a wagon. It's almost like there's a trend, if you want to beat Tom Brady.