OBJ Wants To Join Another Playoff Contender

OBJ wants to join a playoff contender in today's 'no duh' news.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the wide receiver, who can be claimed on waivers at 4 p.m. Tuesday, "Does not want to go to just any team", but would rather play for a winner.

You don't say Odell? But does he really deserve that luxury?

Here's the kicker: Schefter tweeted there 'could be issues' if Beckham Jr. isn't playing in a 'winning environment.'

This is laughable statement for a multitude of reasons. OBJ seems to have no ability to look in the mirror to grasp the fact that he is the common denominator in each of these "losing environments" he claims to despise. What it sounds like is that Odell is telling losing teams like the Detroit Lions, who have first dibs on waivers to pick the receiver up tomorrow afternoon, that it's not in their best interest to make that $7.5 million investment. If they make the call, he'll make their lives a living hell like the prima donna we know him to be.

Perhaps Odell and his father want to burn every bridge into a locker room with the Ravens or Chiefs so he can get the last laugh on Cleveland as a potential Super Bowl champion. Knowing how teams fair post-Odell, we all know this attempt will fall short of his expectations. When will he learn? Judging off this past week -- never.