O.J. Simpson Pleads His Case For Steelers To Bench Mitch Trubisky, Start Kenny Pickett With Most Obvious Reasoning Ever

The 1-2 Steelers are coming off of a Thursday night loss to the Browns and OJ Simpson has some thoughts on how the team can turn things around. He believes it starts at quarterback and he's not alone.

As things currently stand, Pittsburgh is starting Mitchell Trubisky. Ben Roethlisberger retired during the offseason, the team traded for the former No. 2 overall draft pick from Chicago, and drafted Kenny Pickett with the No. 20 overall pick in April.

Through three games, Trubisky has completed 60.2% of his passes for 569 yards with only two touchdowns and an interception. Those numbers are not particularly impressive and he has two losses to show for them. It really should be three, but the Bengals gave the game away in Week 1.

Due to Trubisky's lackluster performance thus far, there are a lot of calls amongst fans (and outsiders) to make a change. Simpson is among them.

Specifically, they want the team to start Pickett.

"Hey Twitter world, it's me, yours truly," the Juice opens, as he does every video.

From there, Simpson explains what he saw from Trubisky on Thursday. He said that while the Steelers quarterback wasn't that bad, "that bad" shouldn't be the criteria.

And then he pled his case (pun intended) for Pickett. It was a pretty simple one.

“I don’t know what Kenny Pickett is able to do, but I’m willing to bet anybody that he’ll score more than four touchdowns over the next three games," he said. "Because they’ve only scored four touchdowns in the first three games, and that’s not going to get it (done)."

We should all be thankful that O.J. chimed in on the topic. We never would have known that four touchdowns in three games is bad without him.

Before signing off, Simpson wishes us all good luck this weekend. Isn't that sweet?!

Here is OJ Simpson's entire diatribe about the quarterback situation in Pittsburgh, which goes on to discuss the Bills and betting:

You heard the man, Mike Tomlin. Juice is calling for Pickett, so clearly it's time.