Nick Bosa's Girlfriend Sends Him Off To Camp With One Final Farewell

Like an 18-year-old headed off to boot camp. Like a boxer headed off to total seclusion up in the farthest reaches of the Catskills. Like JJ Watt headed to his remote Wisconsin cabin that's like 2.2 miles from the nearest Starbucks.

Nick Bosa was sent off with one final farewell message from his girlfriend, TikTok star & Instagram model, Jenna Berman who came to the realization that the offseason is over and it's time for the 49ers stud defensive end to get back to chasing quarterbacks instead of tail.

"Go do your thing, gonna miss you," Berman declared this week with a video of herself in bed with the 23-year-old.

And there it is, the moment all girlfriends and wives must come to understand. Football is back, baby, and it's time to strap on the pads to hit other grown men and fight it out for that Lombardi that's way off in the distance and most likely going back to Tom Brady because he's that awesome and refuses to let other guys win one. Jenna is now faced with being back home in a South Florida high-rise living life as a physician assistant student who drops TikTok dance videos that get millions of views.

I'm sure there will be letters written from camp sent via the USPS. There will be tears shed during the rare FaceTime videos when Nick gets a free moment away from the 49ers drill sergeants. These are the things they don't teach the Instagram models who hook up with stud athletes during the offseason.

It's clearly going to be difficult not seeing each other for like three weeks. But that's what solidifies the relationships that eventually make it through camps. There are relationships that survive off late-night text sessions and then there are those that fail after training camp proves to be too much separation.

Hang in there, Jenna and all the ladies who have given their men back to the NFL. For some of you, we'll be done with your men around the second week of January.

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