NFL Union VP On Deshaun Watson Ordeal: ‘This Is Not Good For Anyone’

Deshaun Watson has dominated the NFL offseason news cycle.

First, he demanded a trade out of Houston because he was seemingly done with the Texans organization. Then news broke that multiple women had accused the star quarterback of sexual misconduct, and things quickly got out of hand.

Since then, there have been constant updates from the lawyers on both sides. As we have continued to learn more, the situation for the 25-year-old NFL star has started to look grim.

During a recent interview with LaVar Arrington, Plaxico Burress and TJ Houshmandzadeh on Fox Sports Radio, NFLPA Executive Vice President Troy Vincent shared some of his thoughts on the situation.

“I’m just praying for the young man, personally, today,” Vincent said, via Yardbarker. “I’m praying for him and his family. I’m praying for the young ladies that have come out. This is not good for anybody, forget the sport."

In the past, the NFL has been criticized for how it has handled high-profile situations such as this one. The league hasn't always responded well when players have been accused of serious crimes like domestic violence, but according to Vincent, they're learning.

“But I think we’ve learned that every situation’s different. They’re delicate. You make sure that folks, whether it’s the accuser, the victim, whoever it may be, that there’s a due process in place," Vincent said. "And I think we’ve learned that over time, not that we’ve rushed in the past, but I think we’ve learned from the different cases that we’ve seen with this particular subject matter, let the due process take care of itself, then that’s up to Lisa (Friel) and her team to now make the proper recommendations to what direction the Commissioner and the Commissioner’s office should take.”

One thing is certain, this situation isn't good for anyone, the alleged victims, Watson, the Texans organization, the NFL or the fans. All we can do now is sit back and wait to see what happens.

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