NFL Playoff Bubble Chatter Heating Up

After a week in which the NFL had to postpone two games and COVID positives started popping up, the talk of playoff bubbles is heating up, according to CBS NFL reporter Jason La Canfora. Sources tell La Canfora "contingencies are now gaining traction" and the bubble concept has "strong support" from members of the competition committee.

Where would the playoff games take place? La Canfora reports there's a conversation on if those games should be played at a neutral location where a bubble could be implemented and still allow fans to attend the games. Keep in mind cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas will not allow fans this season. Miami and Tampa Bay would be logical choices, especially as the playoffs roll on with the Super Bowl being played in Tampa. Dallas is another option where fans are allowed to attend.

At this point, the NFL has to look at all angles since COVID is now shifting the season schedule around. It's possible teams won't play the same amount of games during the 2020 season so a bubble might be the best option to even out the playing field.

The last thing the NFL wants is to get to the playoffs during January and not be able to finish the season and suck up those Super Bowl TV dollars. If that means moving teams into a bubble, that's what they'll do.

Why wasn't there a league-wide bubble to start the season? Mike Florio claims the NFLPA has rejected the idea while the NFL has been for it from the start.

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