NFL Players Want Some Changes Resulting from COVID to Stay in Place

The NFL players union has taken a liking to some of the changes that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. So much so that they don't ever want to go back.

“There’s absolutely no reason for us to go back to full-scale , none,” union executive director DeMaurice Smith said on a conference call with reporters.

That's not all. Players stayed at home during training camp in the fall -- which is the opposite of how it usually goes. Normally, they stay together in a campus-like environment. Players think that arrangement should end, too.

“You don’t see accountants move into hotels during tax season because they need to pay attention more,” Cleveland Browns center and union president JC Tretter said. “It doesn’t have any real proof of benefitting anything.”

Of course, the above will be a hard sell to coaches, who will argue that the traditional camp environment plays a role in team bonding and in getting rookies accustomed to the pro game.

Either way, you can be sure the players will mention some of these bullet points during the next meeting with team owners -- and that a change or two to the current setup will become permanent.