NFL MVP Ranking: Derrick Henry Joins the List

Eight days ago, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, and Josh Allen were the only MVP candidates. Times have changed.

Here is OutKick's Week 7 NFL MVP ranking: 

3. Kyler Murray

The NFL is a week-to-week league, and awards are driven by storylines. Therefore, after Week 6, Kyler Murray is a more likely candidate than Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers got beat down and embarrassed on national TV. On Monday
Night Football, Murray beat down and embarrassed the Cowboys' defense. Advantage: Murray.

Murray has 16 total touchdowns on the season (10 passing, 6 rushing). Even more impressive is his quick, sly decision-making that makes every defender he faces uncomfortable.

Behind Murray, the Arizona Cardinals are 4-2, second in the daunting NFC West.

2. Derrick Henry

Uh, a running back should not be able to do this.

Derrick Henry is a WWE wrestler disguised as a football player. He is literally running over and through defenders. Oh, he can also run past them for 90+ yards.

Henry leads the NFL in rushing yards and laps the field with 117.6 yards per game.

When is the last time a team won the Super Bowl with a running back as its best player? It could happen this season.

1. Russell Wilson

No debate. Russell Wilson is the best player in football this season. It's not close. Sorry, Mahomes.

Wilson leads the NFL with 19 passing touchdowns, even though the Seahawks had an early bye that left him one game behind most other quarterbacks.

Per ESPN projections, Wilson is on pace for 61 passing touchdowns.

The MVP frontrunner is completing nearly 73% of his passes and has the Seahawks as the sole undefeated NFC team.

With a lead this large, it'd take a monumental collapse for Wilson to fall out of first on the OutKick MVP Ranking.

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