NFL MVP: Patrick Mahomes Almost Pulled Away

The NFL could not script a better MVP race. 

3. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson might finally get an MVP vote and finally kill the offseason storyline that he has never received a single vote. Maybe. But after an early-season lead, the award is slipping away.

It's not that Wilson can't return to an MVP level over the next five weeks. It's that he needs both Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes to play at a non-MVP level in at least two of the remaining six weeks. Who is betting on that?

2. Aaron Rodgers, 1. Patrick Mahomes

We explained last week why Mahomes and Rodgers currently share a blurb. The QB greats are so close that you can’t make the case for one without making a mild case against the other.

At the end of the first quarter of the highly-anticipated Chiefs-Bucs matchup, Mahomes separated with video game cheat codes on. He then fumbled the ball near the end zone, and Kansas City scored only 10 points the remainder of the game. Tampa's penalties also bailed him out of a few bad throws. Mahomes certainly didn't lose his lead, but the five-minute separation dwindled before his third-down throw clinched the game.

Later that night, Rodgers closed the gap again with four more touchdowns and a 72.4% completion percentage.

Though Mahomes is the better QB, Rodgers leads the NFL in passing touchdowns (33) and passer rating (117.6).

The media says this race is over — but, as always, they are wrong. And with a weaker remaining schedule, I might favor Rodgers to ultimately win the award.

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