NFL Insider® John Clayton's War With DirecTV Could Cost Him The Super Bowl

The war we first told you about two months ago between NFL Insider® John Clayton and DirecTV has yet to be resolved, and now the longtime NFL reporter is freaking out that he and his wife won't be able to watch Sunday's game on their TVs because DirecTV is still in a war with the local network provider.

You guys know the drill here. Affiliate giant Cox Media and AT&T are fighting over carriage fees, and meanwhile, John's left without his local CBS affiliate. The easy solution here is for John to buy an antenna and watch the game the old fashioned way. That's where we'll pick up John's rage tweets.

"I can't believe my wife and I can't watch the Super Bowl because Directv and Cox tv cant reach a deal for channel 7 in Seattle. I've been to 45 Super Bowls. Missing my first since 1983. Locast is has problems connecting. I'm in the Hall of Fame. Directv is shutting us out," Clayton rage tweeted Wednesday night.

Oh hell no!!! The Pro Football Hall of Fame brag. John literally dropped the biggest bomb in the rage tweeting game. The official, 'Do You Know Who I Am' rocket right on the big dogs at AT&T. John was inducted into the circlejerk writer's wing of the HOF in 2007.

"Direct tv promised to send me an antenna. They lied and didn't send it now aren't answering their phones. Don't know how to connect antenna. Bad again service att Directv. Worst among businesses," John tweeted Wednesday night.

What about streaming the game on a phone? "My wife is in wheelchair with ms. We would need two streams with is possible but an issue," John replied.

I don't have the energy to tell John about opening a free YouTubeTV account and then canceling it Monday morning. This would be like explaining the process to my father, who doesn't have a ponytail and doesn't listen to Slayer.

Here's the most fascinating part about all of this -- John works for ESPN Radio Seattle, which must have an engineering department that makes sure the technology runs at a radio station. You mean to tell me over two months someone at that station hasn't stepped up to help John? They have to see him struggling.

That said, John's starting to sound a little bit entitled, dropping the whole HOF thing and mentioning how many Super Bowls he's been to. Perhaps the ESPN Radio Seattle engineering guys are tired of John's whining.

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