NFL Hall Of Famer Michael Irvin Fan Boys Over Seahawks Punter As Beautiful Special Teams Showcase Unfolds In Germany

German NFL fans were treated to a beautiful showcase of special teams on Sunday and Michael Irvin was amongst them. The NFL Hall of Famer, who currently serves as an analyst for NFL Network, was enthralled by Seahawks punter Michael Dickson.

Late in the second quarter, Dickson lined up to kick the ball away on 4th-and-15 deep in Seattle territory. He took the snap, stepped into his approach, and unleashed a beautiful 68-yard punt that went out-of-bounds at the Tampa Bay 4-yard-line. The field was completely flipped.

Also on the call, Rich Eisen gave Pat McAfee a shoutout back in the states. As could be expected, the former Indianapolis Colts punter was watching at home and loved it.

Moments later, it was time for Buccaneers punter Jame Camarda to shine. Backed up into his own end zone, the 23-year-old answered with a beauty of his own.

It went 63 yards to the opposite 30-yard-line where Seahawks return man DeeJay Dallas called for a fair catch. The field was flipped right back in the other direction.

Once again, McAfee was thrilled with the punter duel that was unfolding overseas.

And it wasn't done there!

Seahawks punter Michael Dickson gained a new fan.

Just before halftime, Dickson returned to the pitch to kick it away on 4th-and-4 from the Seattle half. He got his entire leg behind the coffin-corner punt that was ruled down at the two-yard-line.

In the booth, Irvin was in full fan boy mode. He said that he sat and watched Dickson punt during warmups because he is just so good at what he does. It's art!

The sold-out crowd at Allianz Arena in Munich was privy to a special teams performance for the ages between the Seahawks and Buccaneers. What a treat!