NFL Fans Have A Field Day After Eli Apple Gets Torched For 75-Yard Touchdown

Eli Apple had himself a tough day on Sunday. The 27-year-old cornerback, who has repeatedly talked a lot of smack to his opponents, is constantly the butt of every joke. And both NFL fans and players alike take any opportunity to clown all over him for his poor play.

Apple, who was a first round pick in 2016, is considered a bust by many. Although he has had a few positive moments, he has not lived up to expectations.

Meanwhile, while struggling to reach his full potential, Apple gets under the skin of opposing players and their fanbases. For example, prior to last year's Super Bowl, Apple made a bold claim about wanting all of the smoke from Odell Beckham Jr. It did not go well for him.

Apple was burnt like toast all game and gave up quite a few big plays to the Rams offense, including a pair of touchdowns. As a result of his terrible play and repeated trash talk, he proceeded to get flamed by NFL players and fans after the Cincinnati loss.

And that was not the only instance. It seems like it happens at least once a month each and every year, if not even more frequently.

In fact, it happened again on Sunday.

Apple Entered Sunday With 19 Tackles

During the first half of the Bengals' game against the Falcons, Apple got absolutely torched by former undrafted free agent Damiere Byrd, who went 75 yards for six. Byrd, though talented, is not a superstar by any stretch of the imagination, so Apple should not have been beat as badly as he was.

It was ugly on Apple's part.

Seemingly, before Byrd had even reached the end zone, the Apple jokes were FLYING.

NFL fans had a field day after Eli Apple got burnt, badly:

To make matters worse, Apple was benched on the first series of the second half.