NFL Executives Say Bears May Need to Re-Sign Mitchell Trubisky

When the Bears signed Nick Foles in the offseason, it appeared Mitchell Trubisky's days in Chicago were numbered. Once he was benched in favor of Foles, it seemed Trubisky's time with the Bears was over. Now, Trubisky is back starting and could return to Chicago next season.

"Mitchell Trubisky has made a strong case as to why he should be the latest player to have his fifth-year option declined, only to cash in on that decision," Adam Schefter reports. "In the eyes of some NFL executives, Trubisky recently has played some of the best football of his career, making a case as to why Chicago will need to consider re-signing him."

Due to Arizona's loss on Saturday, Chicago now controls its own playoff destiny. Meaning, Trubisky's play will decide the 7-7 Bears' playoff fate.

Since the Bears reinserted Trubisky as the starter, the offense has averaged 31 points per game.

In the offseason, Chicago should have other options at QB. Both Sam Darnold and Carson Wentz could be on the move via trade. The 2021 draft is QB-heavy, though a trip to the playoffs would complicate that route.

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