NFL Edits Former Ravens RB Ray Rice Out of Jersey Video

After eight years, the NFL still wants nothing to do with former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice.

On Thursday, retired NFL RB and four-time Pro Bowler Arian Foster released a compilation of football's most notable names from the late aughts that swapped jerseys with the former Texan.

The pile of jerseys included NFL staples, including Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith, Broncos corner Champ Bailey, AP's jersey from Minnesota, Frank Gore's 49ers jersey and more.

In Foster's original video, posted on Twitter, the running back included a nod to Ray Rice's No. 27 Ravens jersey.

When the NFL's official social media page re-posted the video, the new footage appeared edited to omit Rice's jersey from appearing on screen.

The divide between the NFL and Rice has continued since his suspension from the league in 2014, which snowballed into never returning to professional football.

Rice was sidelined from football during a domestic violence case launched against the RB after footage surfaced of Rice beating his then-fiancee in an elevator and dragging the unconscious woman out. He was eventually reinstated after winning an appeal but never signed with a team.

Foster watched the NFL's cut and noted the omission of Rice. He tweeted, "lmao y'all cut ray rice."

The League did not acknowledge the response.

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