NFL Denies It's Received Report Recommending Dan Snyder Sell WFT

While Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder has been in some hot water after sexual misconduct claims were made against some of his former employees, the NFL has denied that it has received a 130-page report recommending that Snyder be forced to sell the franchise.

"Absolutely false," an NFL spokesperson told Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports, before adding that the league has received "no such report."

The denial came after 106.7 The Fan radio reported it had "obtained information" about a 130-page investigation into the Washington Football Team that recommended the league should "force the owner to divest his ownership of the team."

The second recommendation, per The Fan, was that Snyder be suspended "for a significant period to allow time (for the Football Team) to repair its infrastructure and culture."

Report or no, what we do know is the NFL launched a third-party investigation into the sexual harassment claims made last fall. Also, ESPN relayed in December that the Football Team settled a sexual misconduct allegation regarding owner Dan Snyder and a former employee in 2009.

But as far as a 130-page report recommending Snyder be forced to sell ... well, the NFL says it knows nothing.