New York Giants' QB Daniel Jones Looks to Take Big Leap In Year 3

The Daniel Jones era in New York is about to ramp up significantly, but Giant legend Phil Simms doesn’t think that it’s a “make or break” year for the young quarterback.

“What does mean, the Super Bowl?” Simms told CBS Sports. “These types of things are crazy.

“I feel safe in saying this, he’s got experience, now he’s got to show a little more awareness, be a little more assertive — physically, emotionally, all those things. Just in my opinion,” Simms added. “I think (the Giants are) all in on Daniel Jones. That’s what I think.”

Seemingly long gone are the days of long-term planning and gradual development in the NFL. Teams want their young players, quarterbacks especially, to be game-ready upon delivery. Year Two is a grace period where a player is supposed to show flashes of who he will become while also giving fans hope for the future. The entire professional football complex expects a winning season by Year Three, perhaps even a playoff run or a Pro Bowl nod. Anything less tends to light a fire of media doubt, and fan impatience which can be hard for a player to shake for the rest of his career. It’s a ‘what have you done for me lately’ league, and Daniel Jones hasn’t done much lately for the Giants.

Simms went on to explain that as long as Jones plays well, a .500 season would still be considered a success for the third-year quarterback. If he shows steady improvement and passes the eye test, then an average record could solidify him as the Giants’ best option for the next few years at least, as Jones will still be under his rookie deal.

The Giants may be in line for a better season than many people think, though. The team brings back DE Leonard Williams, signed WR Kenny Galloday and CB Adoree’ Jackson, and had a nice draft in April. Saquon Barkley, arguably the best player in the league, also returns to the team this year after a torn ACL last season. Add in the perennial unpredictability of the NFC East, including a Cowboys team with no defense, a Washington team with no name, and a rebuilding Eagles team, and some of those futures bets on FanDuel start to look pretty tasty.

Right now, you can snag Daniel Jones and his Giants at a juicy +230 to make the playoffs. Nothing in the NFL is a sure thing (which is why it’s the hardest sport to bet on consistently), but all of the pieces for a decent Giants team are there. If they can come together under second year head coach Joe Judge, and Daniel Jones can mature into a legitimate NFL QB, don’t be surprised to see them competing for a playoff spot in January.

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