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Yes, this is an abbreviated Screencaps...I'm actually on the road this morning

As I noted at the end of Friday's Screencaps, we headed south Friday to Dayton, OH to visit my father for the first time since October and have some Marion's pizza. Guess who's joining the Thursday Night Mowing League? Dad's an old school Thursday night mowing guy, but this is the first time he's heard about this movement we've started around here and he's excited. So is my stepmother who wants in. They have about .33 acres to fight over, so we'll see what kind of content they turn in over the coming weeks.

My father told me this morning he has a photo idea that he believes you guys will like so buckle up for that. He's a retired backhoe operator so this is his world. He just needed something like TNML to come along to fire up his imagination.

The other big news from this trip came in the form of an empty U.S. Navy envelope that my dad handed to me. Then he hands me a letter that states the Navy is asking my father for a DNA sample to hopefully identify remains of a World War II soldier that the Navy thinks is my father's great-uncle. My dad doesn't remember his family talking about a great-uncle dying in the war, but the military believes the relative, who was connected to the USS Enterprise, could be a match with my father.

Talk about a wild Memorial Day twist. I clearly didn't see something like this happening on our Memorial Day Weekend visit, but here we are. Today's lesson: Keep an eye on pieces of mail from the military. You might learn about a family member you never knew existed.

• I'm going to go ahead and say this has to be the coldest Memorial Day Weekend Saturday morning in my life. It's 45 degrees here in Brookville, OH with cloudy skies and 15 mph winds. I didn't bring a winter coat and now I'm regretting it.

• Patrick W. in Amarillo, TX writes:

"Just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for your daily articles. They are funny, thoughtful, and oftentimes poignant. I look forward to them as a Dad and sports fan and perennial amateur. Your stuff is the best on the internet and I know it brings a lot of joy to a lot of people. As the dude on Field of Dreams says, “….it reminds us of all that was good and it could be again….”. Most people like to be reminded of the good stuff and many more need to know that it is out there if you just look. Thanks and have a good summer."

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