New Movie About Kurt Warner Gets First Look

If, like me, you’re into underdog stories, you pine for the nostalgia of 90s arena football, or you still refer to the Rams as being from St. Louis, then you’re going to love the new movie American Underdog, based on Kurt Warner’s life. The Hall of Fame quarterback took to Twitter to debut a sneak peek of the movie, scheduled for a pre-Christmas release.

The film follows Warner's career as he bounces around from college standout, to failed NFL QB, to Arena League star, to grocery store clerk and to eventual Super Bowl MVP. Dick Vermeil is portrayed in the trailer, leading me to believe there'll be at least a few on-screen tears.

Zachary Levi, Dennis Quaid and Anna Pacquin star in the movie, with Levi playing the role of Warner. "When I was a kid, watching Kurt Warner play football, everybody knew the story," Levi commented in the behind the scenes trailer. "He was working out at the super market, and then plays arena football, then gets into the NFL...he wins the freakin' Super Bowl!"

A two-time NFL MVP, Warner discussed the inspiration for the movie. "I've had so many people tell me, 'Your story is made for Hollywood, it's made for the big screen.'" He continued: "I've heard so many people over the years that they say they've been inspired, they've been encouraged, because of my story. And that's what I think is so cool."

American Underdog hits theaters December 10th.