Nearly 2/3rds of NFL Teams Say Players Won't Report

The Philadelphia Eagles released a statement this morning that said their players wouldn't report to voluntary in-person workouts. Based on this and other such reports, approximately two-thirds of the NFL will refuse to show up to camp. That doesn't look good, but maybe it's just an excuse for players to skip voluntary workouts?

If it is, then they just might get away with it.

Keep in mind that the NFL approved a 17-game season this off-season, and this mini "holdout" may help keep some guys healthy. But lets address what the Eagles' statement said.

The team insists players won't feel comfortable until proper protocols are in place. Is it possible that a player would claim fear of COVID to duck out of tedious and unnecessary workplace obligations? It seems that those who don't want to report to camp can use COVID to their advantage.

Kind of smart.

Claims of an "ongoing pandemic"

How exactly can the NFL players say there's an ongoing pandemic? States like Arizona, Texas, and Florida have been open for months, and death rates are dwindling rapidly. So now the players are suddenly scared away due to a lack of protocol? It's tomfoolery, and I think the players should just come out and say what's really on their mind.

Pre-season workouts, especially with the added regular season game, increase the risk of injury. They're trying to reduce the load on their bodies, but it would be best if they were straightforward about that concern. NFL careers last an average of just four seasons, so that fear is warranted.

We'll see how this movement affects the NFL's protocols going forward. Regardless, it'll be more "pro-player" than what we're seeing today.

It's not a bad thing for the talent to take some control from the suits.