Najee Harris Bounces Defender's Head Off Turf Like Basketball With Nasty Stiff Arm (VIDEO)

Najee Harris chose violence on Sunday afternoon. The 24-year-old Steelers running back laid one of the most disrespectful stiff arms of all-time on would-be Falcons tackler and bounced his head off of the turf like a basketball.

Harris, who is not having the season he might have hoped, has showed flashes of greatness throughout his two-year career. The former Alabama ball-carrier is insanely athletic and known for his ability to evade defenders— though usually, he goes up and over.

Harris is a hurdling machine and always has been.

That is no different in the NFL. Harris consistently goes full-send over defenders who try to get in his way, even in the preseason. It's a reoccurring theme.

In addition to hitting the hypothetical 'Y' button, Harris has also hammered the 'A' button on a few different occasions. (These are Madden video game references, for those who are confused.)

Sometimes he does both.

Against Atlanta on Sunday, Najee Harris used only the stiff arm.

However, it was one of the most vicious, brutal stiff arms in recent history.

Harris took a handoff in the first quarter and was immediately trapped in the backfield. He had nowhere to go, at least so it seemed.

The Falcons defense had swarmed in and safety Richie Grant came downfield to make the tackle. His mistake.

Where Grant thought that he would be able to wrap Harris up for no gain, he was not. Instead, he got a face full of artificial turf.

Harris reared back his right arm and unleashed the force of a thousand suns directly onto Grant's helmet, throwing him down to the turf below. Grant literally hit the ground so hard that his entire body recoiled a solid 2/3 inches off of the field.

There were questions about Harris' health coming into the game after he suffered an injury last week. Needless to say, he was at full strength and Grant would most certainly agree after being victimized.