Mike McCarthy Did 'Cartwheels' After Learning of Dak Prescott Signing

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy isn't the most athletic guy we've ever seen, but apparently he could be seen 'cartwheeling' on the beach after the re-signing of Dak Prescott. Some things should be left to our imagination.

Prescott signed a four-year, $160 million extension that could make a fan dance or cry, and apparently it was the former for Coach McCarthy. For him, it means clarity about who his quarterback/leader will be, so we shouldn't blame him.

McCarthy wasn't able to attend Dak Prescott's press conference, but he was able to discuss the signing in full at his own interview yesterday:

"I was actually in Florida when the deal was finally completed," McCarthy said. "It's a lot easier to do cartwheels on the sand--I'll say that." (Senior Vice President of Public Relations Rich Dalrymple) is having a hell of a visual over there right now. I was obviously very excited."

Prescott is said to be "ahead of schedule" in his recovery from a season-ending ankle fracture.

"Dak is definitely a keystone moving forward as a football team," McCarthy continued. "I was very excited about that deal. He was just finishing up his workout on the field as I walked in here. He's making progress and he's on course."

So for those of you worried that Dak Prescott may be "done," let me say this: If a head coach is excited that a player with a $160 million extension in hand after injury is returning, then the recovery is going well. McCarthy and that front office have far too much "excitement" going on for wishful thinking.