Marshawn Lynch Talks Hennessy, Drops F-Bomb During ManningCast

The season-long guest list on Peyton and Eli Manning's ManningCast has had enough star power and A-listers to make a mid-90s SNL guest booker jealous, and last night was no different. The alternate Monday Night Football broadcast featured Marshawn Lynch, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Sue Bird.

Though the game was a letdown -- New Orleans won a snoozer 13-10 -- Beast Mode surely didn't disappoint. In between talking a little football, Lynch found time to discuss his pregame drink of choice and to throw out a couple of expletives on live TV.

Midway through the game's first quarter, Lynch provided some excitement during an otherwise boring game. Eli Manning, referencing Lynch's pregame Hennessy routine, asked Lynch whether he had done anything that evening to get warmed up for his TV appearance.

Lynch responded, "Because I'm not playing, I had three shots minimum today. So I'm feeling real good. So I took one for me, I took one for big brah and I got one for little brah."

Check it out:

About six minutes later, the Hennessy kicked in and loosened up his inhibitions. So much so that Lynch then treated ESPN2 viewers to an unexpected F-bomb.

As the opening quarter came to a close, the Seattle offense itself looked inebriated when they botched a second down play, prompting Lynch to blurt out: "Oh, what the f--k?"

Peyton, Eli, and most of America laughed off the language while a sweaty, panicked producer probably asked the Mannings to apologize.

So Peyton then commented, "I want to thank Marshawn Lynch. Not as wild about the language. I want to apologize about some of the language. It's not what we're trying to do on the show.''

That's just Beast Mode being Beast Mode. I'll drink to that.


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