Marshawn Lynch Earns Two FCC Complaints For Cussing On Monday Night Football

Former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch had a career full of accomplishments: a Super Bowl ring, multiple All-Pro honors, more than 10,000 career rushing yards…

And now he has two more accolades to add to his mantel: a pair of FCC complaints.

In a late October appearance on the ManningCast, Beast Mode unleashed some profanity, which roiled the sensibilities of two -- yes, two -- viewers.

Lynch dropped a primetime F-bomb late in the first quarter of the October 25th game between New Orleans and Seattle just minutes after saying “shit” on the live feed. Apparently saying “shit” is a no-no across cable television -- unless it happens on an episode of Always Sunny, Better Call Saul or one of the nineteen TNT cop dramas still finding their way to the homes of uninterested viewers.

Then after a must-see-TV moment that had Lynch discussing pregame Hennessy shots with Peyton and Eli Manning, Lynch let the F-bomb slip.

“Oh, what the f–k,” Lynch muttered after Seattle quarterback Geno Smith botched a snap. In Lynch's defense, most of America had the same reaction.

These words were vulgar enough to offend a whole TWO people across the country who found the time to complain to the Federal Communications Commission about it.

Per TMZ, an angry Georgia resident channeled his inner Karen, writing: "NFL Player Marshawn Lynch made an appearance on 'Monday Night Football' with Peyton & Eli and repeatedly said 's***' and 'f***' on live prime time television.”

He then expressed concern that his children would – gasp! – hear the dirty words.

"I had children in the room at the time and I am very upset that ESPN allowed Marshawn Lynch to repeatedly curse on live TV. I have an expectation when I turn on ESPN that I will not have to remove children from the room."

Note to viewers: Adults and children alike should probably leave the room whenever ESPN is on, unless you prefer the daily sports misinformation of WokeCenter.

This Georgia peach wasn’t alone in his FCC complaint. One of North Carolina’s finest was also bothered by Lynch’s choice of words.

"The ESPN2 broadcast on Monday night was laced with vulgar words from Marshawn Lynch. Peyton Manning apologized for it, but there is no place on this type of show at this hour for this language,” the complaint said, via TMZ.

Fortunately for the Mannings, Lynch and ESPN2, the other 1,609,998 viewers across the country had no problem with Beast Mode’s colorful vocabulary.


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