Logan Ryan On A Mission To Help Rather Than Defund Cops

While pro athletes in 2020 began rallying around the message to defund cops as a method of police reform, New York Giants safety Logan Ryan began focusing on strengthening the bond between cops and their communities. His father Lester Ryan is a long-time police officer with 25 years of experience in law enforcement, so son Logan knows what he's talking about.

During an interview with Good Morning Football, the Giants defensive back spoke with Nate Burleson regarding his new program, Ryan Alternative Solutions Training, which teaches police officers self-defense and de-escalation protocols learned by his father after over two decades on the job.

Lester Ryan served as a police officer in Camden, New Jersey and went on to join specialized law enforcement units, putting his son Logan close to the lived experience of what it means to be a good man and a good cop.

This kept the Giants player from adopting the media's vilification of cops and inspired him to seek true reform rather than defunding.

According to the official website: "R.A.S.T. training and consulting services promote the establishment and development of ongoing communication and harmonious interaction between the community and law enforcement."

Ryan said in his interview: "My dad is my hero. He's a black man in this country. He's 25 years a cop in Camden, New Jersey. … He worked in the FBI, the SWAT team, he also has multiple black belts in martial arts. So I feel like he's extremely qualified when we talk about police reform.

"We obviously know where we are in the nation, where we are in the country, there's a lot of divide. And honestly athletes have the biggest social justice calling of any time. We have the mics in front of us, we have great platforms, and I always want to use my platform."

Familiar with the activism stirred by the death of George Floyd and the rise of Black Lives Matter, Logan finds that he can agree with the general sentiments voiced in 2020 regarding policing and still find a way to help our law enforcement better serve our communities.

By dedicating himself to a campaign that defends the integrity of policemen and women across the nation, Ryan hopes that his R.A.S.T. program will help cops protect their community while protecting themselves through improved response and combat training.

"Who's better to learn from than a police officer, a retired police officer of 25 years. He's a good apple. I believe in the police, I don't believe in defunding the police. I believe we need the police."

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