Lions RB Jamaal Williams Couldn't Have Been Quicker To Apologize After Nailing Referee In Head With Football

Lions running back Jamaal Williams felt really, really bad after smacking an official in the head with a football on Sunday. It was an accident, but it made for a hilariously chaotic scene.

With about nine minutes left in the second quarter, Detroit was called for a holding penalty. As the head official went to make the call, a stray football came flying in from his left side, with the tip of the ball hitting him directly in the head.

Initially, he looked pissed. And understandably so.

However, he did not break character and finished his call like a pro. Meanwhile, Williams scurried over to apologize for throwing the ball at his head. He couldn't have been quicker to say he was sorry, which caused the official to crack a smile.

The second official, though, did not find it as humorous. As Williams went to apologize to the head official, the second referee came in, pushed the running back aside and gave him a stern talking to.

It seemed unnecessary, because the doink was clearly an accident and Williams was apologetic. When the official got in his face and started barking at him, he looked at him as if to say "what'd I do?!"

Jamaal Williams was extremely apologetic after hitting a referee in the head with a football.

The entire sequence was poetic. Even though it was such a short exchange, there was so much going on.

Why did Williams throw the ball at the official in the first place? What did the referee think when he got hit with the ball?

Williams is known to be one of the funniest players in the NFL, so there is no doubt he said something hilarious to get him to react like he did. But then why did the other referee get so mad?! There was no reason to get up in Williams' grill like that.