Lions QB Matthew Stafford on Matt Patricia's Future: 'It's Not My Decision'

Another loss for the Detroit Lions means more questions about coach Matt Patricia's status, but QB Matthew Stafford isn't giving any answers.

"It’s not my decision,” Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford said after Thursday's 41-25 loss to the Houston Texans. “That’s for somebody else. If you want to ask me about the game, you ask me about the game.”

The Lions have now dropped to 4-7, and have failed to become a playoff contender under Patricia, who arrived from the New England Patriots two years ago.

Thursday's game wasn't nearly as close as the final score, even though the Texans have been a mess themselves.

Reporters are now even asking Patricia if he thinks he'll still be the coach for the next game.

“My thoughts are really just with the team here today and what we were trying to do here today,” he said diplomatically. “It doesn’t go beyond that. It’s what I focus on. I focus on the team. I focus on those guys that go out on that field, those guys that our in that locker room and try to give them everything I can to give them a chance to go be successful. That’s the focus. It never changes. It is what it is.”

“I don’t think outside of that. I don’t worry outside of that other than just trying to do the best job I can every day to help everybody be successful and try to get our team going," he said. "So, other than that, we play pretty short term and are pretty focused on the task at hand. So that’s kind of where we stay with it.”

That all sounds about right, but after another bad loss, the questions about Patricia remain. And unless the Lions suddenly and unexpectedly start winning, the questions will only continue.