Let’s Make A Deal: Jerry Jones Admits Cowboys Would Like To Trade Up

Jerry Jones just can’t help himself. At a time of year when NFL front offices are notoriously tight-lipped, Jones has a case of loose lips. He has just openly discussed the Cowboys’ pending draft plans.

Never one to shy away from a microphone, Jones remarked Wednesday that the Cowboys, who currently have the 24th pick of the opening round, might consider a trade that would secure them a higher selection.

"I would trade up (in) this draft, and just going in (that's) as much as you can say about it until you see what's there or who's on the other line," said Jones.

In layman’s terms, “let’s make a deal.”

Anyone who's followed the billionaire's career is well aware that when Jones is involved, the "D" in "Big D" stands for deal as well as Dallas.

"I would trade up since we're down as low as we are in those first two or three rounds," Jones confirmed. "If we had a chance to and somebody that we had really coveted was sitting down there at the bottom, then we could trade up and get him."

Though the Cowboys regularly churn the roster via trade, high-priced free agents and diamonds in the rough (Tony Romo, anyone?), they haven't actually had a high first round dance partner in quite some time. Ten years ago, the Cowboys traded up eight spots to grab cornerback Morris Claiborne sixth overall in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Should they decide to trade up for just the second time in eleven years, well, at least Jones will have something else to talk about.


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