LeSean McCoy Has Pulled Off A Super Bowl Feat That Even Tom Brady Can't Touch

Tom Brady may be seven-time Super Bowl winner, but one accomplishment still alludes him:

Winning back-to-back championships without stepping foot on the field, like his teammate LeSean McCoy has done. The guy is living the life.

Twitter can try and troll Shady all it wants, but he gets the last laugh here. He signed a one-year contract with Kansas City back in 2019 and then signed a one-year deal with Tampa Bay in 2020. However, he saw limited playing time with each team during the regular season and none in the Super Bowl itself. So he won two Super Bowl championships in a row without having to lift a finger.

McCoy essentially just took a job at Amazon to mop the floors in the lobby and landed a Christmas bonus TWICE. Not to mention, he essentially got free sideline passes to the Super Bowl. Nice work, champ.

I guess the key is to sign deals with teams that have a phenomenal quarterback and a strong group of running backs. Outside of that, this is pure luck! Congratulations to LeSean McCoy on becoming the two-time finesse game champion!