Lane Johnson Says 2020 Was An 'Embarrassment' For Entire Eagles Organization

The Philadelphia Eagles needed a drastic change after a four-win season in 2020, and the team got rid of Super Bowl-winning coach Doug Pederson and brought on Nick Sirianni to start that journey.

The Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2017 and had made three straight playoff appearances, but last season didn't sit well with many Super Bowl veterans still on the squad, reports.

Right tackle Lane Johnson joined NFL Network's Good Morning Football and said the foundation has been laid for a turnaround after last year's "embarrassment." 

"Really looking at our team right now, we had a great OTAs," he said. " moving forward, learning the playbook. I feel like coach Sirianni's just taking great command of the team, holding everybody accountable. I know camp starts here in a few weeks, 27th, and everybody's looking forward to that. But a lot of veteran leadership, a lot of young, hungry guys ready to prove themselves, and that's where we're at. Last year was an embarrassment for everybody involved, and looking forward, we're ready to change that."

There were some questions about Sirianni after a shaky introductory press conference, but the 40-year-old spent the past three seasons under Frank Reich in Indianapolis, and his experience and that relationship give the veteran guys confidence.

"I think we gained a lot of trust just from having him from Frank Reich, who was the head in Indianapolis, and having him come from there, knowing he was a great dude," Johnson said of his new coach, per "First thing that he came in and did was he took great command of the team. I think he created a lot of energy. Every day's fun. During practice, there's always some type of competition period. Sometimes even the coaches get out there and compete, too, so that's what I like about it. Going into the building, man, it's been really cool. But right now, we're learning a new offense, we're trying to get that going, and that's really where we're at. But so far, he's taken great command of the team, and he commands a lot of respect." reports that despite the overhaul, the Eagles remain a veteran-laden team and in a wide-open NFC East, the team could see a quick turnaround. However, the team's success or failure depends on how well quarterback Jalen Hurts transitions into full-time starter and whether Sirianni crashes and burns in his first stint in the big chair.

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