Kyler Murray Runs Mad For 84 Yards To Score Incredible 2-Point Conversion

A successful Arizona Cardinals two-point conversion played out like a Tom and Jerry scene.

Visiting the Raiders in Week 2, the Cardinals fell to the pressure of Allegiant Stadium for the large part of four quarters.

Down 7-23 with eight minutes left in the fourth, Cards running back Darrel Williams ran it in for a score to give Arizona a new breath of life for a comeback attempt.

In an effort to make it a one-score game, Kingsbury sent the offense back on the field for a two-point conversion attempt.

Murray successfully ran it in for the extra points, but it took Murray 84 yards and 20 seconds of frantically running around the field to pick up the two yards needed.

Raiders defensive linemen Kendal Vickers and Andrew Billings relentlessly pursued the Arizona QB until he ran it in to get the eight points, which put the Cardinals back on track and set the team up for a thrilling 23-23 tie to run out regulation.


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