Kyler Murray Laughs At Coverage, Dodgers Fan Throws It Back To Attitude Era & SEC Refs Strike Again

Hopefully the Instagram embed issue is fixed today

If you weren't here Saturday morning, you missed the news that Instagram/Facebook changed its embed process for blogs, and the OutKick IT department now has some work ahead of them this morning as they work to get things fixed. I have heard your desperate pleas for the inspirational quotes brought to you by Instagram models via Morning Screencaps. I will fight for you. We will find a solution. I will die on this hill.

Speaking of a hill to die on, how about that NFC East hill that teams eager to die still can't seem to climb? I'll reiterate what I said Friday morning after the Eagles beat the Giants: a two-game winning streak will pretty much wrap up the division. The Cowboys travel to Philly Sunday night, and this game will pretty much decide the division. There's a good chance the Cowboys will field a third-string quarterback if Andy Dalton's red melon doesn't pass concussion protocol. I'll have to check with the salary cap experts out there to see if there's a way Jerry can trade for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Here's something else to blow minds at the watercooler this morning -- the Chicago Bears now have an 87% probability of making the playoffs. Ponder that for a minute. Meanwhile, Sunday's win for the Browns was huge. They're now at an 80% probability of getting in via a Wild Card.

Finally this morning, Todd Gurley knows he screwed up against the Lions. "I was mad as hell," Gurley said of his TD run that left too much time on the clock for Matthew Stafford to go down and throw a game-winning TD. "I tried not to," Gurley added. "I'm man enough to take the responsibility. I shouldn't have scored."

Let's have a great week and fun with Halloween activities. My kids are jacked up to go hunt down that candy for me.

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