Kyler Makes Off-Field Impact Too, Donates 60K Meals to North Texas Food Bank

It's been a rough week for the people in North Texas. A rare winter storm rolled through last week, and the devastation it left behind has put a massive burden on many. There's a path to recovery, but it will be long and require contributions from others.

Kyler Murray is willing to be one of those contributors.

On Thursday, Katherine Fitzgerald with the Arizona Republic wrote a piece detailing Murray's donation, which included 60,000 meals to the North Texas Food Bank that will go a long way towards helping those in need.

Murray, a Texas native, believes he has a bigger purpose than football. Helping others is apparently a part of that bigger purpose.

"It means the world being able to give back," Murray told Fitzpatrick. "It's really bigger than anything that I could do. Obviously, sports is my thing, football is my thing, but I think I have a bigger purpose."

Murray didn't just sympathize with those affected. He was there when the storm hit, so he has some understanding of what they were going through.

"My power was going on and off," he told Fitzpatrick, via The Republic. "Barely had water — or didn't have hot water, at least. But I know, not thinking about myself, there's way more people that didn't have food, don't have the money to go get groceries.

"They didn't have power, they didn't have water at all. So for me, it was being blessed and having the ability to give back — it was a no brainer for me. I was just trying to give back and make sure people were safe."

It's fantastic to see an athlete making an impact that goes beyond sports. Sure, the entertainment factor is great -- and appreciated -- but we love stories like this one. Great job by the Arizona Cardinals quarterback.

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