Kyle Shanahan Confirms Previous Interest In Aaron Rodgers

Make no mistake, after the honeymoon phase with Jimmy Garoppolo faded and before Trey Lance stole his heart, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan dreamt of settling down with Aaron Rodgers, though he knew the odds of pairing up with him were long.

In the days leading up to the NFL Draft, Shanahan reached out to the Packers organization in an attempt to acquire Green Bay's disgruntled signal caller. His offer was quickly rebuffed.

“I thought it’d be a quick no. Which was exactly what I thought it would be," said Shanahan to media members. "But you hear enough stuff and I think everyone knew what was going on at that time that it didn’t seem like it (wasn’t) worth the call, but I know how we would’ve felt if it was going to happen and we didn’t call. So, you call, you get a quick answer, which what was what you’re expecting and then you move on.

"We made sure of it and quickly realized that, well, our hunch was right, so we didn’t have to discuss it too long," Shanahan added.

Apparently, it wasn't meant to be. Rodgers remains in Green Bay, and Trey Lance is now the apple of Shanahan's eye.

Shanahan's flirtation with Rodgers has had no effect on the relationship between himself and longtime friend Matt LaFleur, coach of the Green Bay Packers. LaFleur told Ryan Wood recently: "Kyle is a great friend of mine. I haven't talked to him in a while, it's just part of the business. You get into your own routine, but I hold no ill will toward him."

The forgotten man, Garoppolo, should have plenty of suitors, should he find himself on the market. Through the season's first two weeks, he's thrown for 503 yards without a single interception. The Niners are currently 2-0 under his watch.

Shanahan's wandering eyes will be in for a workout come Sunday, when the 49ers invite Green Back back to their place for a night of fun.