Kurt Warner's Fascinated By Eagles QB Situation

Philadelphia's quarterback situation is like a lengthy marriage: some days are great, others, not so much. And of course there's the occasional morning where you wake up and wonder, is this the same person I married? Then your other half -- or in the Eagles' case, Jalen Hurts -- does something that reminds you why you said I do in the first place.

Much like Philadelphia, Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner seems unsure whether the marriage between Hurts and Philly is built for the long haul or headed for divorce, but he's captivated by the romance nonetheless.

“It’s definitely going to be fascinating,” Warner said in an appearance on the Takeoff with John Clark podcast.

Warner likes what he's seen from second-year QB Hurts, but he wouldn't hesitate to kick him to the curb if a better option starts flirting with Philly.

"If you have a chance to get an elite quarterback, you get an elite quarterback," Warner told Clark.

“As intriguing as Jalen Hurts is, you go out and get one of those guys. You go out and you get the guy that’s proven in this league that he is a difference maker at that position," added Warner. "I think you have to do that if you feel like you’re in the market to do that.”

Through 12 games this season, Hurts has thrown 13 touchdowns and eight interceptions, with another eight scores on the ground.

"Am I convinced yet that he can be that franchise guy, where if he’s got to win games with his right arm by playing a position in the pocket? I’m not sure yet," said Warner.

“I think the verdict is still out on Jalen Hurts.”

In order for the Hurts-Eagles marriage to last, Hurts'll need to continue to improve and stack wins on top of stats. If he can do all that, Philadelphia would likely renew their vows.


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