Kenny Pickett's Fiancée Amy Paternoster Is Ready For A Big NFL Draft Night

Kenny Pickett and his 8.5-inch hand are officially on the clock at tonight's NFL Draft and his fiancée Amy Paternoster is indicating they're ready to roll and find out where they'll be starting their new life in the league. "Twas the night before," Paternoster wrote Thursday on a pre-Draft photo dump of her and Kenny at a Jersey shore restaurant.

Pickett, whose draft stock is all over the board, wasn't invited to Las Vegas and will instead watch the draft from home in New Jersey with his Princeton soccer fiancée. Instead of Vegas, the couple spent the week on the Princeton campus and then hit The Butcher Block in Long Branch, New Jersey.

Paternoster and Pickett have had a busy few months as life started to get serious with her collegiate soccer career ending, Kenny's college football career closing down, their January engagement, Spring Break, a Pro Day where all the talk was about Kenny's hand size and now it all comes down to the next three days.

This is when NFL girlfriends/fiancées burst onto the scene via moments where their NFL boyfriends show up on a TV screen talking to a GM on the other line. The girlfriend/fiancée sits there in her NFL draft best. She'll soon have to figure out how to get a short-term lease in some city -- Seattle? NOLA? -- and navigate a new life of OTAs, a short summer vacation window and the life of a significant other to an NFL signal-caller.

The really good news for Kenny is that his future wife is an economics major at Princeton who served as an analyst at Goldman Sachs this past summer and with a private equity firm in 2020. Oh and Amy also enjoys knitting.

Good luck to the happy couple. Welcome to the League.

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