Kelly Stafford Has Banned Herself From Attending Rams Road Games, Explains Pretzel-Throwing Drama

Kelly Stafford, wife of Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, finds herself in a pickle because of a pretzel. You still with me? Earlier this month a Rams road loss at the hands of the 49ers had Mrs. Stafford feeling salty, causing her to make like her husband and throw a dart. The only difference: Kelly was tossing a pretzel instead of pigskin and unlike her husband that night, she hit her intended target.

On Tuesday's edition of the "The Morning After" podcast, Kelly Stafford, the wife of Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford, announced she was self-imposing a Rams road game ban on herself after what transpired last week at Levi's Stadium where she was escorted out of the Rams-49ers game after a pretzel-throwing incident.

Kelly says she was removed from the stadium just five minutes into the game when a fan started heckling and the QB's wife launched a pretzel at the guy. It's probably best she was kicked out. The Rams went on to get blown out 31-10.

"I guess I hit him right in the head," she explained on her aim with a piece of the pretzel she ripped off and launched behind her head. "Not an ideal response," Kelly added.

“I’m human, I make mistakes, and I own up to them, I don’t f—king hide from them, that’s not me."

“I’ve always been taught, I wear my heart on my sleeve so I do stuff probably in a hot second, but I also realize in a hot second, not the best, and I go up and I apologize.”

Now that things have settled down after the pretzel incident, the mother of four has done some self-analysis.

“Being a professional athlete’s significant other, you don’t wave want to bring attention to yourself negatively,” Kelly said. “I f–king lost it and here we are.”

As a side note, Kelly noted that she was completely sober during the incident.

"What I will change is that I won't go to away games. You continue to say things, I'm going to have a very hard time holding my tongue," she said.

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