Justin Herbert Reacts To Cam Heyward Punch Incident

Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert clearly doesn't want drama to build over what happened during Sunday Night Football when Cam Heyward appeared to land a gut-punch on the signal-caller.

"I haven't really seen it," Herbert said of the replay showing what seemed to be a punch. "He's a tough player. Football is an emotional game. Whatever happened, happened in the game. We'll shake hands and say, 'Good game,' after the game."

According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, the Heyward incident will be reviewed by the NFL for a possible fine, but a suspension will not be on the table.

Heyward told reporters that he wasn't intending to punch Herbert and it looked worse to viewers than what was actually going on with the play.

"To be honest, I was running after the ball and I caught my hand under, and so when I was trying to get up, I couldn't get up and I fell back on him. I know it looks terrible, (but) there was nothing malicious behind it. I don't think that I was trying to punch him, but I know it looks more worse than it is in slow motion. I'm sorry if I did anything to offend anybody. I wish I had said more to Justin after, but there was nothing behind it," Heyward added.

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