Justin Herbert Blames Coach For Last Season's Unfortunate Haircut

Justin Herbert's buzz cut went viral on social media last year, and now he's blaming Chargers strength and condition coach John Lott. After hearing the story, you might blame Lott too.

"He said, 'I cut my son's hair all the time.' I was like, 'Sweet, you can cut mine,' Herbert said with ESPN's Mina Kimes. "He cut it in the weight room and that's kind of it."

Here's that cut that made him look like a 'too old to be in high school' cast member on Netflix's All-American:

Herbert actually liked this haircut, so it seems he's overrating the justice the hair was doing for his face. Can't knock the guy if he's happy.

"I think he did a great job," Herbert said. "I wasn't looking for anything fancy and so just trimming it down. He did that job. So, pleased with it.

"I didn't really want to pay for a haircut, to be honest," he said.

Have to give him credit for not being too high maintenance after signing a $27 million contract with the Chargers. Most of us waste $20 a day postmating Chipotle to our front doors -- it's bold for a multimillionaire to pass up a trip to Great Clips.

Herbert will cover that sweet military cut with a helmet for the season opener on Sept. 12 when the Chargers face off against the Washington Football team.