JuJu Smith-Schuster's Logo TikTok Dancing Career Appears To Be Over

JuJu Smith-Schuster announced Wednesday via a Zoom conference call with media that his days of dancing on logos for TikTok videos are over. The Steelers have lost three in a row and find themselves a distracted mess heading into the final two games of the season. Their Week 17 matchup with the Browns should decide the AFC North.

A players-only meeting was held -- Cam Heyward says it was an offensive side of the ball chat -- with Big Ben deciding it was time to get their act together and get focused. It's unclear if that team meeting led to Smith-Schuster's decision to hang up his dancing shoes.

"For me, honestly, I was dancing when we were undefeated. I was dancing when we lost our three games. I'm not gonna change the person that I am. It's getting to the point where my teammates are being asked this question, my coaches..."

"For the betterment of myself and my teammates, I'm going to stop dancing on the logos."

Besides JuJu's dancing, there's now word that Big Ben's arm has become an issue and that he should be more of a "game manager" than a passer.

Heyward is just ready to be done with the nonsense, especially the dancing. "I just think we have to leave it alone. We're only talking about it because we're losing. I'd rather you dance on the Super Bowl logo when we're done," Heyward said.

The Colts are heading into Pittsburgh having won three in a row as the Steelers just look to hold on. They've lately been falling apart physically and mentally.

"When you play like poo, you should get talked about like that," Roethlisberger said. "I'm sure this whole thing now is gonna blow up. Steelers had a 'players-only' meeting."

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