Josh Gordon Has His Reinstatement Revoked

Finally an update on Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Josh Gordon, and unfortunately, it's sad news. According to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, Gordon's reinstatement has been rescinded, and he is, again, suspended indefinitely.

A real shame that Roger Goodell is doubling as a parole officer.

After Gordon was suspended in December of 2019, he was later reinstated by the Seahawks in September of 2020. That move actually gave fans hope that he would be here for the long haul, but that didn't last long.

In Week 16 of this past year, Gordon was expected to resume practice until he reportedly "failed to meet all conditions of his reinstatement".

Maybe the NFL should cut the guy some slack? You'd think Josh Gordon was sneaking crystal meth into Seahawks' facilities, but instead, it's marijuana. Hopefully Gordon gets an opportunity down the road for a true fresh start instead of being watched over like he isn't 29-years-old.

Gordon hits free agency at season's end, so we can assume whoever takes a flyer has a long wait on their hands before he hits the field. Unfair.