Josh Allen Runs From Media After Practice As Bills Provide Cryptic Update On Elbow Injury & Status For Sunday

Buffalo Bills All-Pro quarterback Josh Allen's status for Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings is unclear. He might play. He might not.

No matter which way he is trending, the 26-year-old quarterback isn't letting anyone see how he is doing. Allen ran away from the media after practice on Friday afternoon once he noticed that reporters were inside the team facility.

Following last weekend's loss to the Jets, the Bills signal-caller was experiencing discomfort in his throwing arm. He said after the game that the issue was with his elbow, but did not elaborate further.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Josh Allen is dealing with an Ulnar Collateral Ligament injury. Extensive damage to that ligament is repaired with Tommy John surgery, with which baseball fans are surely familiar.

While the extent of the ailment is unknown, it was enough to keep him out of practice on Wednesday and Thursday.

Although he was back on the field in a limited capacity on Friday, Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott provided a cryptic update on his quarterback's health. Rather than saying he is, "week-to-week," "day-to-day," out, or otherwise, Allen is being considered "hour-by-hour."

That is a new one.

Officially, Allen was listed as "questionable" on the team's injury report. However, OutKick contributor Dr. David Chao does not think he will play this weekend.

Allen didn't let anyone get a glimpse of his mobility or the strength of his arm. He didn't even let the media see him on the field, picking up his equipment and hustling out of sight instead.

Now, it's not like Josh Allen would have had much to say beyond what the team is releasing publicly. Either way, for him to take notice of the media members, grab his stuff, and run off of the field is... suspicious.

What is he hiding? Why did he run? Wouldn't it have been better to stay on the field and pretend that everything is okay?