Jordan Love's Girlfriend Reacts To Sitting In Top Row Of Arrowhead Stadium

Jordan Love's girlfriend, Ronika Stone, made her debut during Sunday's Packers-Chiefs game when Fox cameras zoomed way up to the last row of Arrowhead Stadium where Stone and Jordan's mom, Anna Love, were sitting amongst the diehards who aren't afraid of a nosebleed.

While Patrick Mahomes' baby mama was enjoying the suite life with hateable Jackson Mahomes, there was Ronika just minding her business as her boyfriend made his NFL debut on short notice after Aaron Rodgers went down with COVID.

"I always wanted to be on SportsCenter...thought it'd be for volleyball though," Stone wrote on Instagram Story after ESPN's Instagram page posted screenshots from the broadcast.

Talk about a keeper. Who knows where Jordan Love's NFL career is going after Sunday's performance where the quarterback finished 19 of 34 for 190 yards, a touchdown, and an interception while the offense sputtered to seven points.

But the minute you find a woman who's willing to climb to the top of Arrowhead Stadium to watch a game, you have to start factoring this into the eventual marriage equation. The top deck at Arrowhead is row 40!

A quick analysis of the top deck at Arrowhead shows about a 25 row climb from the tunnel leading to restrooms. It's way up there.

But Ronika, a professional volleyball player, handled the ticket situation just fine. There was no whining about her treatment. No big timing breakdown on social media. She just took things in stride.

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