John Harbaugh Actually Complained About a Delay Of Game After Loss To Steelers

Well, this was a bold move by John Harbaugh.

Soon after losing 19-14 to the Pittsburgh Steelers (11-0) in a rare Wednesday afternoon game, the head coach for the Baltimore Ravens (6-5) complained about a delay of game non-call in his postgame press conference.

According to a tweet from Jamison Hensley with ESPN, Harbaugh had this to say about the Steelers taking too long to get off a pile at the end of the first half:

So, why is this worth mentioning? Normally, it would be because of the effect it had on the game. But in this case, it comes down to any member of the Ravens' organization complaining about someone else delaying the game.

The entire reason the game was played on a Wednesday afternoon is because of Baltimore's inability to keep a COVID-19 outbreak under control. When the game was set to take place Tuesday, Ravens players threatened to sit out and got it delayed until Wednesday.

In other words, Baltimore has put the phrase "delay of game" into new perspective. But we have Harbaugh bringing up a supposed delay of game penalty at the end of the first half?

As one Twitter user points out, what's the penalty yardage for a six-day delay? You couldn't write how this situation unfolded any better.

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