John Daly Pouring Shots For Hooters Bartender, JJ Squat Preparing For A New Team & Super Bowl Radio Row Looks Sparse

The first Sunday without football turned into build-a-snow-fort day

I told you guys Saturday morning that it was going to be a project weekend around the house. The basement drop ceiling track and can lighting went in with relative ease, which leaves us one step away from being done with the electrical work I've been tinkering with for a couple years.

Sunday was snow fort day. I had the kids fill up five-gallon buckets, and we started stacking bucket loads until the structure reached about four feet high. There's an opening to crawl under and plenty of protection from outside invaders. As long as we don't get some bizarre February heatwave, I'm figuring on that structure standing well into March when I start to refocus my attention on the health of our lawn.

For now, the neighborhood kids should be blasting each other with snowballs, which will then add on to the structure. My work here is done. Now it's up to the kids to fill in the cracks while I get ready to concentrate on Super Bowl LV content. The big news this morning is that there will, in fact, be a Radio Row element to this year's event. See photos below.

There will also be events we've all become accustomed to watching Super Bowl week. There will be flag football, featuring Team Doug Flutie vs. Team Tracy McGrady, in case that sounds like fun. ESPN News will broadcast that game Saturday from 2-4 ET. It's going to be an extremely odd week, but we all need to power through, be happy we're even getting a Super Bowl week and then focus on what a 2022 Super Bowl will look like in Los Angeles.

• The Super Bowl get-in price dropped below $10,000 on Vivid Seats, in case you're looking to make a last-second purchase.

• The Weather Channel 7-day forecast shows a 50% chance of showers for Sunday with a high temperature of 69 degrees.

• Mons Venus, the famous Tampa strip club, is advertising special hours starting Wednesday when the club will be open from 2 p.m. until 6 a.m. That's right, SIX IN THE MORNING. You will be able to make it rain and then hit up Waffle House before catching some sleep. What a week it's going to be in Tampa.

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